The restaurant chain Neapolis – Le Taverne di Lucullo® has registered also in Switzerland at the IPI of Berne (Federal Institute of Intellectual Property) the exclusive design of the pizza QuattroLingue®

Pizza QuattroLingue Neapolis

Cross shape, inspired by the flag of the Swiss Confederation

In the era of globalization, even a dish can symbolize transmigration with healthy connivance; as in Naples, it is represented by the royal palace born from the pencil of the architect Domenico Morelli, born in Melide in Ticino and died in Naples.

The pizza “QuattroLingue” (Italian, French, German and Romansh) is the gastronomic synthesis symbol of the healthy and pleasant coexistence of different cultures, intersecting each other.

Neapolis Lugano Maria e Julie Arlin
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The central square represents the Switzerland

A Switzerland that brings together the four linguistic ethnic groups. Each of them, although separated from the others, is firmly joined to the center and is an integral part of it.

Every bite is a journey, every taste is unique but each one is tasty, none is the same as another, but united in the same dish, they take you far between the Swiss territories, practically a pizza … a tour.

Maybe, do it with your eyes closed and with the appetite of those who want to know.

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