Homemade is
all our professional art:

every food, every gesture, every word from appetizers to desserts, from beer to digestive, from commands to jokes, from the routine to the “out of the wave”, but above all our entire gastronomic range is homemade.

Neapolitan grimace

The number 82 indicates “the table full of food” and here’s what we do: we fill the tables with food but in our own way.

Poverty and Nobility

«You get half a kilo of Aversa mozzarella, very fresh! Make sure it is good: grab it with two fingers, press the mozzarella, if the milk runs out, you take it, otherwise you give up!»

From comedy movie (1954) with Totò:Poverty and Nobility

The way we set the table

Is unusual, simple but ritual, elementary but comfortable, spartan but complete. In short, it is a genuine and even homemade way.

The lavish "Luculliano" meal

The cuisine of Naples has its roots in the Greco-Roman Neapolis and the people of Naples have always been recognized as a jovial great taste people. Lucullo and Trimalcione also lived there for a long time.

The legendary villa of Lucullo, in the first century BC, extended from the slopes of Mount Echia to the islet of Megaride (today Borgo Marinari) and was the maximum expression of culinary splendor.

Lucio Licino Lucullo ( Roman general, later retired to private life in Naples) became so famous because of his banquets, so much so that still today – in Italian – the adjective «luculliano» is used to indicate a particularly lavish, abundant and delicious meal.