NEAPOLIS – le Taverne di Lucullo®

The typology of the Neapolis – le Taverne di Lucullo® atmosphere is as typical as the street kitchen that openly violates many of the rules of “home” and, therefore, of the walls. Having meal becomes at the same time a private matter (often consumed alone, unlike when you go to the classic, schematic and monotonous restaurant) and a public event, because it takes place in a cheerful, lively and engaging environment as if linked to the community.


The best known dish: surely Neapolitan pizza


The founding element of Neapolitanity


Food culture is a part of the Neapolitan essense

Pizze Design

The restaurant chain Neapolis – le Taverne Lucullo® has registered also in Switzerland at the IPI Bern (Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property) the exclusive design of the following pizzas:

2 filled edges – Margherita with edges:
I°) Crocché of potatoes, ham
II°) Parmigiana of eggplant

4 filled edges – Margherita with edges:
I°) Cheese Scamorza, friarielli (top leaves of broccoletti)
II°) Mozzarella, eggplant
III°) Ricotta, mushrooms
IV°) Buffalo mozzarella, friggiarelli

3 filled edges – Ischia with edges:
I°) Calzone
II°) Sausage and cheese Scamorza
III°) Ricotta and friarielli (top leaves of broccoletti)

Braid of pizza
stuffed with cheese Scamorza, friarielli (top leaves of broccoletti), salami

Logo Neapolis Bianco Trasparente

pizza in the form of a cross, with the 4 stuffed ends
Italian: mozzarella, spicy salami
German: mozzarella, onion
French: mozzarella, mushrooms
Romansh: ricotta, ham

The mark of origin.

Importer and responsible supplier.

The mark of origin.

Importer and responsible supplier.