This restaurant, as a folkloristic Taberna in Naples,
applies the following 3 rules:


Spoken languages

  • Neapolitan: UNESCO world heritage site, UNESCO protected, diatopic variant of the southern Italian group, diasystem identified by the ISO 639-3 classification through the nap code
  • Italian

Waiting time

From the moment of ordering, the chosen dishes are served at least after 18-25 minutes according to preparation, since NOTHING is precooked or pre-packaged but all is cooked AT THE MOMENT.



Cooking of pasta “Al dente”

Every dish based on pasta involves the GIUSTA COTTURA (right cooking) which, according to our tradition, is “al dente”, that is cooked but not too much to prevent it from sticking together and to make it resistable for chewing, that is to oppose the fork that compresses it or the tooth that cuts it.

THE CUSTOMER THAT DOES NOT LIKE PASTA COOKED AL DENTE, must inform the staff when ordering.

Other behaviors, realizations and languages are unnatural and forced for us, and can not guarantee the real and univocal characteristics of origin and workmanship, but, on the contrary, show the mercantile use of Neapolitanity for purely economic objectives and not of genuineness.

Thank you for choosing us.