The taverns

The typology of the Neapolis atmosphere is as typical as the street kitchen that openly violates many of the rules of “home” and, therefore, of the walls.

The ambience

Having meal becomes at the same time a private matter (often consumed alone, unlike when you go to the classic, schematic and monotonous restaurant) and a public event, because it takes place in a cheerful, lively and engaging environment as if linked to the community.

The tradition

In a complete atmosphere of Naples we relive a traditional but classy tavern full of neapolitan pizzas STG (Specialità Tradizionale Garantita).

The dishes

Hot dishes mainly made up of dozens of soups and various pasta dishes, second courses exclusively Vesuvius and Mediterranean, drinks and wines of southern origin, countless varieties of world-famous Neapolitan confectionery, artisan digestives, delicacies and desserts in galore, in short all according to the motto: