The Neapolis Restaurants do NOT reopen immediately:

la gastronomia è un’arte ed il tocco supremo dell’artista è sapere quando fermarsi.
(Arthur Conan Doyle)

We prefer to wait for better times, now we believe that fear, anxiety and suspicion can stifle the pleasures of the table and our typical environment which, as you are well known, has always been cheerful, familiar and engaging here.

The moment of the meal is sacred, mystical, almost ritual … today it could turn into frugal, furtive, almost daring.
No, we’re not there, it’s not for us.

Giorgio Gaber (actor) told:

Ci sono due tipi di artisti: quelli che vogliono passare alla storia e quelli che si accontentano di passare alla cassa.

and we, first of all for you, prefer to put aside the “commercial” emotion that would make us go through the checkout.
We are sorry for the many reservations already declined but, we imagined that all our and your spontaneity would have been repressed by rationality, even if only for a “passage” of salt shaker.

Needless to point out, too, that certainly we could have embarrassed situations created mainly by our guests who are numerically greater than us, such as:
a cough, a sneeze, an overcrowding in the bathroom, loud conversations and / or thunderous laughter, etc. How could we ever take care of the preparation of the dishes if we were constantly “on guard” to compliance with the safety rules?

We are sorry, as mentioned, indeed it pains us; it is a bit like being able to see a loved one again after a while and not being able to embrace, embrace, kiss, tell one’s past vis-à-vis.

Finally, from a commercial point of view, we well know that in the short term, many limitations will persist and every activity, despite an initial euphoria on the part of the Customers, will have to face the need to reduce the covers and, at the same time, to support the fixed costs (rents sales, utilities and salaries in the first place); without neglecting the purchases of all food products which, if there was low turnout, would be useless and trashed, especially those of our use which, being first choice, have a very short stock.

See you soon, then, a lot, as the great Eduardo De Filippo (neapolitan actor) used to say, Addà passà ‘a nuttata … … (The night has yet to go..,)