Pizze Design

The restaurant chain Neapolis – le Taverne Lucullo® has registered also in Switzerland at the IPI Bern (Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property) the exclusive design of the following pizzas:

Pizza Giano

2 filled edges – Margherita with edges:
I Crocché of potatoes, ham
II Parmigiana of eggplant

Pizza quadrata Angioina

4 filled edges – Margherita with edges:
I° Cheese Scamorza, friarielli (top leaves of broccoletti)
II° Mozzarella, eggplant
III° Ricotta, mushrooms
IV° Buffalo mozzarella, friggiarelli

Pizza triangolo Tanga

3 filled edges – Ischia with edges:
I° Calzone
II° Sausage and cheese Scamorza
III° Ricotta and friarielli (top leaves of broccoletti)

Pizza treccia Giulietta

Braid of pizza
stuffed with cheese Scamorza, friarielli (top leaves of broccoletti), salami

Pizza a croce QuattroLingue

Pizza in the form of a cross, with the 4 stuffed ends
Italian: mozzarella, spicy salami
German: mozzarella, onion
French: mozzarella, mushrooms
Romansh: ricotta, ham

NEAPOLIS – le Taverne di Lucullo®

The typology of the Neapolis – le Taverne di Lucullo® atmosphere is as typical as the street kitchen that openly violates many of the rules of “home” and, therefore, of the walls. Having meal becomes at the same time a private matter (often consumed alone, unlike when you go to the classic, schematic and monotonous restaurant) and a public event, because it takes place in a cheerful, lively and engaging environment as if linked to the community.

SiAmoNapoli - Il cuore del Sud®

Marchio di origine. The mark of origin. Importer and responsible supplier.

SiAmoNapoli Group is the project of entrepreneurs who, beyond the Italian borders, want to spread the genuine and millenary food, also tourist and cultural art of the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, respecting and rehabilitating what has been depleted and forgotten over the years in the name of progress and thirsty and absolute consumerism.

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